Friday, 18 March 2011

Wind Turbines and Birds of Prey!

With more and more money being spent on environmentally friendly energy sources and the current spotlight on nuclear energy after the terrible hapenings in Japan I came across this news article regarding birds of prey and wind turbines.

Wind turbines are nothing new but more and more are being set up on and off shore not just in the UK but Europe and America. Sadly these turbines don't help birds of prey and some of the larger species, whilst soaring birds of prey have been found to collide with the blades of the turbines causing instant death. Species included in this list have been as diverse as Golden Eagle, Red Kite and vultures like the rare Egyptian Vulture.

More information can be found on the net about the effects of wind turbines and birds of prey with some interesting views on why birds of prey collide with them.

Below are two links one relating to a news piece against wind turbines and another regarding an open letter sent to the Scottish National Heritage (SNH) regarding the effects of turbines.

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