Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Golden Eagle Snatches Lamb!

Take a look at a recent article in the Mail on Sunday regarding new evidence that shows a wild Golden Eagle carrying away a lamb. The article claims that this proves hill farmers worst fears and that there flocks are under threat from one of our most spectacular birds of prey.

Now for some truth, the Golden Eagle is more than capable of carrying and even killing a lamb but this photo does not prove whether the lamb was killed by this eagle. Eagles will feed on a variety of prey species including carrion and if the oppourtunity arises will make up a large part of there diet during the hard winter months. If anyone has ever seen a ewe around her lamb they may be aware how protective they are certainly towards predators. I'm sure there are many more factors that affect a hill farmers livestock before an eagle comes along, my view is that this lamb had probably died from other causes and the eagle took an easy meal which is what will happen more commonly on the hillside.

We have to remember the persecution birds of prey have suffered at the hands of ill informed people and the hard work and money put into helping educate and bring these birds back to our skies. An article like this with its one sided quotes/opinions and muddled facts only undoes the hard work done to help these birds.

I have been in touch with the Mail on Sunday with my views and thoughts on the article, if I get a reply I will publish it on the blog.

Take a look at the article below.


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