Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Those of you who follow the terrible persecution birds of prey face in the UK may be aware of Natural England and the vast areas of land they manage which are also habitats for  extremely sensitive species like Hen Harrier and European Eagle Owl. You may also have read that Natural England have revoked all licences for raptor working groups which allows them to survey and protect this valuable habitat and the nesting sites of raptors. The Raptor working groups have for years worked tirelessly to protect and survey the birds of prey found in England until now, it is of no surprise that with the withdrawal such licences the fate of species like the two named above are in the balance.

Raptor Politics have covered all of the above in much more detail than I will here in this post and it can all be found on there website but the reason for this post is that they have breaking news regarding Natural England and there support or lack of  for raptor conservation.

I for one cannot wait to read this expose!


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  1. The raptor politics expose turned out to be a real damp squib. Just the usual for this site who only post comments which agree with their narrow minded agenda.
    I for one am very happy that NE have decided not to renew licences to the NWRPG and instead leave monitoring to RSPB.
    All this site does is to expose the over inflated egos, inexperience and irresponsible nature of those involved in this online slagging match.