Saturday, 26 March 2011

Heiress Fighting The Good Fight For Raptors!

The Heiress of the Tetra Pak group has spoken out about the persecution of raptors on Scottish estates, Sigrid Rausing has spoken to the Telegraph about how she feels certain neighbouring estates are flaunting the laws protecting species like Golden Eagles for there own personal and financial gain.

I have to say it is quite refreshing to hear this coming from a large Scottish landowner, as you will read in the article below she owns her own Scottish estate that she is completly transforming into a wildlife haven including one for raptors especially Golden Eagles. Miss Rausing also touches on the awful plans to build a 33 turbine farm on neighbouring land that is a known hot spot for Golden Eagles.

It is now well documented that these turbines can and do kill large birds including large raptors like Golden Eagles, this site has now been passed and SNH are said to be supporting this development with one of the reasons that there are currently no breeding Golden Eagles in the area. Well how do they expect to have any Eagles breeding in this area if they won't even be able to fly around safely, but thats surely just the tip of the ice berg!

Have a read of the article below!

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