Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Return of Ospreys in UK

Its that time of year again when the UK welcomes back Ospreys from there wintering grounds in Africa, the first males have returned and the next couple of weeks will see the return of further males and females to their previous years territory.

Ospreys have made a fantastic return to Britiain since being wiped out as a breeding bird in the 19th century, Scotland now has over 200 pairs, England 7 and Wales 1 with further birds coming in to muscle in on the action. Young Ospreys make the mammoth migration soon after they have fledged and won't return until they are around 3-4 years old and ready to breed.

There is one very special Osprey though and she has been christened Lady of the Loch, she has surpassed the expected life of a wild Osprey and is thought to be 25 years old, the expectancy is 8 years old. Lady has mothered and fledged 48 chicks so far. Last year was thought to be the final curtain for Lady as she spent a few days on her nest looking very poorly but she amazingly she recovered and set off on her migration back to Africa, now all eyes are on the skies of Loch Lowe for her return?

A book has been written telling the tale of Lady just click on the link below

For more information on the returning 2011 Ospreys click on the link below

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