Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Breaking News - Update!

I mentioned previously the website Raptor Politics had breaking news regarding Natural England and there relationships with the RSPB and the North West Raptor Study Group. Raptor Politics has lifted the lid on Natural Englands decision not to renew there workers licences so they can monitor various raptor species on moorland including the rare and struggling Hen Harrier.

The Raptor Study Group have been carrying out surveys and monitoring for over 4 decades working alongside government organisations and charities like the RSPB but it all seems to have come to a head in recent years. The reasoning behind the non issue of licences according to Natural England is due to unco-ordinated nest visits by study group members. The study group have strong evidence though to prove that they were not and had no reason to be acting unlawfully and in fact it was another organisations licenced volunteer(s) that had acted without the correct agreements in place.

For me it seems a great shame that NWRSG and Natural England can't work together amicably for the same common cause, the conservation of birds of prey in England. It seems that the big government organisations are sticking together with there own agendas and the volunteer study group just seem to be in the way of this money train.

Have a look at the report below and make up your own mind.

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