Raptor Related Books!

Here are some books I have read or have been recommended relating to birds of prey. If you have any recommendations please let me know and I'll post them on here!



Raptors of the World - James Ferguson-Lee & David A Christie

Owls of the World - Konig Weick

Eagles, Hawks & Falcons of the World - Brown & Amadon

Population Ecology of Raptors - Ian Newton

Birds of Prey - Leslie Brown

Flight Identification of European Raptors - Parker, Willis, Christensen & Nielsen

Birds of Prey (Behaviour Guide) - Nicholas Hammond

Raptors - A Field Guide for Surveys and Monitoring - Various

Manual of Ornithology - Noble S Proctor & Patrick J Lynch

How Birds Work - Ron Freehy

Tracks & Signs of the Birds of Britain & Europe - Brown, Ferguson, Lawrence & Lees

Vultures Natures Ghastly Gourmet - Wayne Grady

Vultures & Condors - David Houston

Captive Birds of Prey

Falconry & Hawking - Phillip Glasier

Falconry Care, Captive Breeding & Conservation - Jemima Parry Jones