Saturday, 26 March 2011

Added Protection For Sea Eagles!

A scheme is in the process of being set up to fund the relationship between Sea Eagles and farmers/crofters. Sea Eagles are at the highest numbers since they were re-introduced in Scotland but this has not always been greatly received especially when livestock is concerned.

Scottish farmers and crofters have always been concerned about the welfare of there livestock and young lambs in particular since the introduction of such a large predatory bird. Although Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles are capable of tackling something the size of a lamb they both would normally predate on smaller mammals and carrion, carrion more so for the Sea Eagles.

Although I see the money as a mainly good thing I can't help but feel more time needs to be put into educating farmers and crofters about the habits and lifestyles of such birds and weighing up both sides of the arguement.

Take a look at the brief news piece below

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