Thursday, 8 September 2011

What a Load of Rubbish!

I tried to post something about this last week before I went to the ICBP but my computer crashed and I never got back round to it so it is a bit of old news but it annoyed me a bit. Some of you may have seen the article attached below.

Now I think the whole thing is just daft and this has been blown way out of proportion by people who don't understand the birds or in fact wildlife. I don't for one second doubt this must has been a horrible ordeal for the clergy man but after reading what happened from several sources and seeing the injury it seems  fairly clear how the injuries occurred. It seems that in his haste to scare off the eagle the gentleman was in the way of the exit meaning the eagle scrambled over him to get out leaving the scratch on his back. I have dealt with eagles in captivity and if it had tried to hurt him intentionally he would have had more than that on his back, when an eagle locks its feet in protection or fear you would know about it!

What I also don't believe is how the victim can then comment on how he thought the idea of releasing the birds was suppose to bring millions into the Scottish economy but it hasn't! I think he needs to check again and see how many people visit Scotland just to see the White Tailed Sea Eagle, they raise millions and create a fair few jobs along the way! Finally maybe he might want to remember what his job is, I thought Christians believed everything God created was sacred whether its a Toulouse Goose to our native White Tailed Sea Eagle.  But I won't go into religion!

 It doesn't end there, off the back of this story the Scottish Gamekeepers Association has called for an enquiry into the realease of Sea Eagles on the East coast of Scotland with the view they might not be able to differentiate children from there natural prey items. I was actually quite amazed to think an organisation would try and call a government enquiry off the  back of that idea, it is something of fictional books. Firstly Sea Eagles will primarily fish/scavenge and possibly hold down prey no bigger than a lamb, and secondly there are so many illusions about what a bird of prey can carry off, when you think they will weigh between 4-8kg and the average  5 year old weight is 17-19kg I think the battle would be a bit one sided in favour of humans. The other thing that makes sea eagles or the Haliaeetus genera different from say a Golden Eagle or the Aquila genera is that sea eagles are snatchers/scavengers where as the Aquila's are more tacklers and will take down bigger prey but you'd have to go a long way with the kids to find a wild Golden Eagle.
Take a look at the article below.

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