Thursday, 8 September 2011

Now For Some Easy Reading News!

Bit behind on some of these but just ignore if you have come across them already, a few from Wildlife Extra, the first relates to releasing 16 Sea Eagles one of which was apparently the goose killing culprit from the other post!

Any of you interested in the flights and tracking of Britains Ospreys have a look at this nice story, they will be well settled in back abroad now!

The Peregrine Fund in America are still carrying out fantastic work, the first piece relates to the ongoing release of California Condors and the second is the successful release of a young Philippine Eagle.

Another great interview from African Raptors about the Martial Eagle in South Africa

And for something very local to me, the Marsh Harriers bred again this year in Cheshire, the nest previously found by a very good friend of mine!

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