Thursday, 8 September 2011

Poisoning Birds of Prey!

It is becoming a bit of a  trend now in Britain, the way which must be most commonly used to killed birds of prey illegally and that is with poison. Whereas other countries struggle with illegal hunters and trappers we have a silent killer on our hands which can lie there for days waiting to strike but still having the same deadly effect. If we thought policing illegal shooting and trapping  of raptors was difficult well surely this is bordering impossible, with so many chemicals still readily available and the arguements of target species how can a stop be brought upon these silent murders.

Below are just a few stories highlighting the poisoning problems facing Britains birds of prey.

They are sad to read about but this is sadly just the tip of the ice berg in the UK, the long agonizing deaths these birds must go through makes it all the more painful to read.

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