Saturday, 10 September 2011

Massive Thankyou to a TOP artist & TOP bloke!

Well I met Dave Rampling a wildlife artist and falconer from Devon for the first time at the International Centre for Birds of Prey last weekend, I thought he was a top bloke to talk to and his artwork is truly fantastic at brilliant prices. I bought two prints one of the Perlin on kill for a friend who flies a Perlin and he loves it and a Buzzard head shot for myself which I'm very pleased with! His work really does catch the moment and the species in particular and a must for anyone who loves birds of prey!

It gets better though, I also wanted a print of the Sparrowhawk chasing Sparrows in a bigger size so Dave said best order it off his website, I did so but then decided I liked a male Kestrel print so ordered them both. They both arrived within two days and not only that but I found a print of a Peregrine on Partridge with the Spar print and a mounted female Kestrel print in with my Male Kestrel print!

I thought this must be a mistake so I rang Dave to find out if I owed him anymore money as I would happily keep the two extra prints but he said NO, they are a FREEBIE to a good customer!!!!!!!

Well Dave you are an absolute legend and a pleasure to have met and purchased your stunning work! It is nice to know even though there are a few bad apples which appear in the British falconry field there are still gems like yourself who are talented and willing to share it! I will be making more purchases and definately an original at some point and I recommend anyone who reads this on the forum to visit David's website and buy something nice or visit his centre in Devon, I will be visiting when I have a free weekend!

Thanks once again Dave!

I have added Daves website to the links page and also another webpage from the European Peregrine falcon  working group 

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