Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Check out the Birds of prey Related web pages!

I've just created a page covering websites that I have used and think you will find really useful. I have only put the pages up that I respect and use. Check out the captive birds of prey sites with two of the best examples in the ICBP and Hawk Conservancy, they offer fantastic flying displays in the summer months. The conservation section is packed with organisations carrying out work all over the world, the Raptor Research Foundation working worldwide on scientific research, World Owl Trust for those of you interested in owl conservation or Philippine Eagle Foundation for some truly impressive Eagle conservation. Theres lots more there and if I've missed any please let me know.

The Raptor Study Groups carry out great valuable work on the ground and can be a really rewarding thing to get involved with or why not just follow there work and support there projects, mainly British ones but hopefully I can add some international ones soon.

With birds of prey coming closer in contact with humans and our urban environment more are being found injured or in distress. If you find a bird of prey and need some assistance you need someone who knows what they are talking about, Raptor Rescue should be able to help. With more birds of prey being kept in captivity some are lost and found by the public, so if you find what you believe to be a captive bred bird of prey the IBR should be able to help.

Finally one of my favourite Raptor sites at current has to be Raptor Track by Roy Dennis and associates. GPS  tracking is being used more and more to monitor the movemoents of birds of prey locally but also on an international scale and importantly following migration routes and how and where these birds make the amazing migrations they do!

If there are any broken links or sites you might feel worth sharing please let me know and I hope you enjoy the sites currently listed.

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