Monday, 6 August 2012

An important thing to sign Raptor fans!!

I just needed to share with you three links to some very important pages the first is a petition that you need to sign and is regarding the awful shooting of migrating birds over Malta. Many of these birds include Honey Buzzards, Marsh harrier and Osprey.

It just takes 2 minutes and they are nearly at their total of 5000!

If the above is a bit new to you don't worry BBC Radio 4 Nature have done a piece investigating the hunting in Malta.

Find it here at Raptor

And if you have a spare 30 minutes and follow the illegal persecution of raptors in the UK why not voice your concerns to the European Environmental Commission, the more sent through the more likely action will be taken don't leave it to someone else!

All of the above will surely only take you half an hour, surely thats better than watching Eastenders!


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