Friday, 16 March 2012

The blog is still ALIVE!

Where have I been? its March already!!!

Well I saw in the new year with friends and family, moved house for the first time, put up numerous new houses for birds of prey in my area and went to South Africa and saw lots of amazing birds of prey!

I have lots of stuff to blog about as birds of prey have never been that far from the news! Sadly I don't have internet at my new flat yet and work doesn't allow access to blogs on the work network so I am currently pirate blogging!

I will be bringing you all this stuff to you in the next week through my pirate blogging! In the mean time enjoy this new website below for some awesome webcams including Peregrine and Barn Owl

Have you signed the e-petition for birds of prey yet as well, if not they need your support it only takes 2 minutes to sign!

More coming soon!

Keep following.

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