Sunday, 20 November 2011

Birds of prey in the news!

There have been plenty of birds of prey stories popping up in the UK news you can check some of them out below by following the links.

A Honey Buzzard who caught a plane home -

RSPB's crackdown on pesticides -

Red Kite and Raven poisoned -

Poisoned bait found on Scottish estate -

RSPB launches its Skydancers project -

Red Kites increase in Scotland -

Further Raptor Persecution in UK -

Another dead Peregrine -

Peregrines vanish from grouse moors -

 Eagle rescue -

All of the above is to be read and digested as you please I obviously have my own personal opinions, but one article I have come across which I do think is a load of tripe is below!

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