Sunday, 21 August 2011

Raptors around the world!

Something that I would really like to change for wild birds of prey is the wild trapping and selling of raptors at flea markets and street stalls that goes on in some countries. I have come across it so many times while researching various things relating to birds of prey and the photos always send me into a deep depression. Plans are in place by myself to try and raise funds and awareness for the few organisations that do work tirelessly towards a solution.

On the issue of birds of prey being trapped and persecuted take a look at the links below, the first one is a report on illegal raptor trapping in Iraq. The second link introduces a rehabilatation centre titled Green Balkans based in Bulgaria, rescuing many birds of prey each year.

A bit more species specific are two organisations which are working to help conserve two certain species of birds of prey. The first one is based in Italy and it is working to preserve Red Kites in two nature reserves in Central Italy. The second page is an organisation working to help save and reintroduce the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria, take a look at the fantastic work for a beautiful falcon.

Two final pages concern raptor migration and in particular raptor corridors, these are routes across land that on migration get high concentrations of migrating birds. The first one is based in North America, and it has loads of interesting documents covering raptor migration including a great image gallery. Secondly I maybe repeating myself but it is the request for migration volunteers for the Batumi Raptor count in Bulgaria, it takes place each year and if you want to improve your raptor identification and help with a worthwhile conservation project take a look at the link below.

All of the above web pages will be added to my links page so if you ever want to re-visit them, rather than search through my posts just click on the bird of prey related pages on the right hand side!

Still a great time for us Brits to get out and see our native birds of prey, I went for a nice walk today on my local patch with the dogs and heard and sighted numerous juvenile Buzzards calling, a female Sparrowhawk circling above a small coppice and a Kestrel hovering over a hedgerow! Brilliant stuff!

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