Friday, 4 February 2011

First Month Down!

Well sorry I haven't been on for a week, sadly I haven't been near a computer but I have plenty of things to put on the blog for February. The blogs first month has gone by already and I've had loads of fun writing and researching for it, I hope people have had fun reading it.

In the Natural World things are starting to get active for birds of prey as the breeding season approaches fast. Some species may well be underway with courtship although the harsh weather may have stalled the early birds. Ravens although not a bird of prey are one of the earliest around here starting in Jan/Feb and I know of a pair that nest right next to my local Peregrine pair.

I have been building nestboxes for a few species with a few varied designs especially for Little Owls, so I will frantically be putting them up in the next fortnight. The other day I found a Barn Owl roost site in an old derelict barn so I thought an indoor nest box was in order. I made a box completely recyled from three pieces of chipboard for nothing. I will put a seperate thread up hopefully showing the box and placing it in the barn.

I have just received an e-mail marking the start of the local Peregrine watch, sadly they didn't rear any last year despite the hard work of the watch. Fingers crossed for the pair and the watch this year.

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